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Strategies and visions in the area of computer technology service

Our Vision is formulated by the sentence "To enable small and medium enterprises to fully concentrate on their business activities, and not on resolving computer issues." We provide complex service for hardware and software with a maximum reaction time of four hours under favorable pricing conditions.

Reasons for choosing us as your IT partner are formulated in our service strategy:

  • Affordability.
    Our vision is to enable every small and medium enterprise to afford high-quality servicing similar to that utilized by the largest companies.

  • Guarantee of unit functionality.
    Computers and programs must function as a whole, and it is not up to the customer to find out if a problem is caused by software or hardware.

  • Speed.
    Fast removal of the flaw is a necessity for survival in today's competitive environment. Even a short period of IT malfunction can result in losses of customers, revenue and profit. Our technicians have available during a service call a full range of spare parts, and will lend out our equipment upon malfunction of critical components. You do not have to wait long to have repairs completed, and your company will continue to function after equipment repair.

  • A single point of contact.
    Report of malfunctions or errors to a single place - by telephone hot-line, Website interface, and e-mail hot-line. The customer need not „search“ for a worker to resolve its problem, but simply reports the particular malfunction or error.

  • Substitutability and sharing knowledge.
    The customer cannot rely on just one person, even the most skilled person around. The basis of service activity is central administration and sharing of knowledge of technicians, as well as automation with the help of an integrated information system. Every technician knows the service history and equipment failures, technicians are interchangeable, and we perform failure cause analyses.

  • Better use of IT.
    The benefit of IT is given by the way it is used, not by the number of "boxes" installed in the company. We do not attempt at any cost to supply new computers and programs, but rather we strive to use the existing equipment at 100% capacity.

  • Conservatism joined with flexibility.
    We do not use your network as a developer laboratory, but as a tool for achieving your company's aims. We therefore do not attempt to always install "the latest version". We install programs and tools at the customer that have been practically proven to be beneficial. We are flexible in the effort to satisfy our customers' requirements. Various forms of cooperation are possible.

  • Active administration of the customer's IT hardware and software.
    Without quality information support, providing quality service is impossible. We electronically record a summary of performed interventions, equipment and configuration of the customer, history of interventions. We oversee on-line the customer's network, optimization of network performance (preventing problems, minimizing the need to resolve urgent service cases).


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