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Administration of MS Sharepoint

Mutually cooperating functions of the SharePoint 2010 service enable your company to quickly react to fast-changing business needs. With the help of the SharePoint 2010 service, your people will be able to share ideas and technical knowledge, to create their own solutions for specific needs and to search for the right company information, contributing to better decision-making. In the area of IT, the service SharePoint 2010 contributes to decreasing training and maintenance costs, while saving time and effort so your team can concentrate on higher business priorities.

The main benefits include:

  • Securing the best environment for achieving productivity
    The SharePoint 2010 service contributes to higher productivity of your employees. It provides the well-known environment of the Microsoft Office system, thanks to which users may gain quick and easy access to company information, which they need to perform work tasks.

  • Lower costs thanks to a unified infrastructure
    The service SharePoint 2010 enables cost cutting by means of consolidating intranet, extranet and Internet sites onto a single platform, either local or found in a cluster.

We will help you in:

  • installing and setting up MS SharePoint,
  • maintenance and optimization of MS SharePoint,

For companies whom MS SharePoint does not fully suit, we are capable of offering the alternative products Drupal and WordPress.


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