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Custom Programming, custom-designed information system

The company Artex has many years of experience in supplying custom-designed information systems, and is a stable and reliable partner. We specialize in developing extensions, complex customer solutions, integration of applications, heterogeneous data administration and data transfer for the segment of small and medium enterprises.
We offer complex services during the course of the entire life cycle of the information system project - from design to development, implementation and support up to the guarantee of long-term development. Our competitive advantage is mainly found in the adjustment to the specific conditions of small and medium enterprises. As opposed to suppliers of the largest projects, we offer higher flexibility and services at the right price. As opposed to companies with "one programmer" and small companies, we guarantee certainty, standard processes and a goal-oriented approach. The developer team uses sets of prearranged components, procedures and documentation, which provide a stable and already complete basis for effective development of software with a unified appearance, method of control, style and architecture. Employees uniformly create code, perform tests and implementation. These standard procedures mainly assure predictability of terms and budgets.

When developing, we specialize in the following technology

Developer environment
  • .NET C#
  • MS Visual Basic
  • C/SIDE (Navision)
  • Developer environment in Microsoft DYNAMICS NAV, in which all areas of the application and Navision modules are developed.
  • Developer environment in Microsoft DYNAMICS GP, in which all areas of the application and Great Plains modules are developed.
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • Microsoft Integration Services - DTS
  • OLAP Services
  • MS IIS
  • Apache2
  • PHP5
  • MS Reporting Services
  • Crystal Reports
  • FRX Reporters
Development management
  • Visual Source Safe
  • MS Project Server
  • Proprietary extension for managing IS development
  • Processes defined by CMM

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