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Implementation of information systems

Right from the start, we have focused on complex services upon implementation of information systems. These include:

  • Analysis of requirements.
  • Management of the system implementation project, advanced method and documentation upon introducing the system.
  • Setup and configuration of the system.
  • Transfer of data from original systems.
  • Consultation and training on the system.
  • Support upon implementing and starting the system.
  • Integration with other software used in the company.
  • Administration and maintenance of the system throughout its implementation.

Our basic principles during implementation include:

  • Do not change everything at any cost.
  • Integrate what should be integrated.
  • Interfere as little as possible in the customer's normal activity.
  • For general functionality, use general modules (accounting, sales, purchasing, payroll, HiM). The system must enable modifications for specific functionality.
  • Mainly focus on modules that bring the customer a competitive advantage, and adjust them as much as possible. For standard functionality, apply the "best-practice" everywhere possible.

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